Thursday, January 26th, 2017


Some Details On Canvasses

Tweet Canvas comes in two forms: canvas panels and canvas fabric. Canvas panels are a thin piece of canvas covering a lightweight cardboard, which come in many sizes, up to around 30 or so inches. These are ready to paint on when... 

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Details On Abstract Expressionism

Tweet Abstract expressionism was an specifically American post-World War II art movement. It was the first American movement to achieve worldwide influence and also the one that put New York City at the center of the art world,... 

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Oil Painting and How to Techniques

Tweet One of the most interesting hobbies which you can probably take is oil painting. It is considered to be the most flexible of all painting mediums, and that is because you can apply many different oil painting techniques... 

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Different Types of Oil Paintings Supports

Tweet An oil painting support is any kind of surface to which oil paint could be applied to. There are huge varieties of different surfaces, which artists use to paint on. Everything from certain woods, canvas, and as well metals... 

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Different Types Of Indian Paintings

Tweet Painting as a form of art has flourished in India since prehistoric times. Unlike western art, these different types of Indian paintings cannot be described in terms of a linear development or chronology but is considered... 

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